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Who we are and what we are aboutWho we are and what we are about
About us

Who we are and what we are about

Eco-nomic Insulation Ltd have been supplying quality seconds or ‘B’ Grade insulation boards throughout the UK for many years. We are the largest stockist of seconds insulation boards in the South East of England, and have built a reputation for high quality SECONDS product at affordable price to private market.

We specialise in purchasing insulation boards from companies like Celotex direct from the factory, and then grade them according to thickness and quality, ready for resale.

Special Offer

Our insulation board seconds are available for purchase by a wide range of customers. Over the years we have worked with:

Artic full of various thicknesses, majority: 1200mm x 600mm without foil. Around 75m3 = £1000 (inc VAT) plus delivery.

Big Discount

 On orders for 50 or 100 boards

Call Us : 01787 370 295 / 07963 695 226

Who we work with

Our insulation board seconds are available for purchase by a wide range of customers. Over the years we have worked with:

We aim to supply all our customers with the right boards for the job, and to offer significant savings over buying direct from the manufacturer or from builder’s merchants and retail outlets.

Working with DIY’ers

If you love to improve your home and are looking for the cheapest way to do it, our seconds insulation boards can be a great addition to your purchases. These foam insulation boards are suitable for floor, solid wall and ceiling insulation, as they can be attached to any flat surface to stop the heat escaping.

Insulating your home is good for your health, good for your building and good for your wallet too. Our cheap Celotex insulation boards can help you:

Our insulation boards do not come with any manufacturer’s warranty or certification, but are always in excellent condition and still brand new. We don’t sell second hand, just factory seconds, which means you can insulate your home with top quality products like Celotex for less.

Some of our


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Excellent customer service

When you choose to work with us, you’ll instantly see what sets us apart from the competition. From the moment you contact us, we’ll aim to provide you with a fast, hassle free service, and to get the answers to your queries as quickly as possible.


High quality seconds

Our PIR insulation board seconds are high quality, and from big name makes like Celotex. We grade each board based upon its condition and quality, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. Our boards come in thicknesses from 20 – 200mm, and are suitable for a wide range of approved applications. If in doubt, please get an opinion from your local building control officer.


Low prices

We aim to offer top quality products at highly competitive prices. Our cheap insulation boards are seconds, however, which means there may be some superficial imperfections or damage to the edges, which we will make you aware of at the time of purchase. Based on the quality of board you require, you could save from 20 per cent up to 60 per cent on the regular manufacturer’s prices.


Nationwide delivery

We welcome visitors to our Suffolk warehouse, where you can view and purchase our PIR insulation board seconds directly. However, if this is not convenient for whatever reason, we’re always happy to arrange delivery at a time to suit you, although this may be at an extra cost.
What clients say about us


The insulation board seconds specialist

Our team are made up of specialists in the insulation market, and of people who have spent many years working with rigid foam PIR insulation seconds. We’ve witnessed a wide range of applications of rigid foam insulation, and are happy to help you decide on what your best options are in terms of insulation solutions.

Contact us today about your insulation needs, and see why we’re the South East’s number one supplier of seconds insulation boards.

Product do not carry manufactures Warranty or Certification